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How was My Night Map born?

I'm Thomas and I'm passionate about astronomy!

When I look at the sky at night, I often observe the Moon and this satellite of the Earth fascinates me.
It grows , decreases, disappears and reappears. It evokes fertility, growth, rebirth.

There is eternal power in gazing at the Moon, whether it's a first kiss under a full moon-lit sky or a beautiful summer evening under a crescent moon.

I wanted to capture those moments and so I created My Night Map.

Quality is what we strive for

The quality of our products and the environment are important to us.

We use water-based inks without toxic chemicals and our wooden frames are made from Alder wood from renewable forests. We use museum quality paper sourced from Japan.

We hope you enjoy My Night Map and be sure to use #mynightmap when posting your photos on social media, we love seeing them! 😁