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Sometimes a customer creates their custom Moon, and for some reason doubts the accuracy of the Moon image for the date and location they have chosen. The Moon image will be very accurate and we guarantee its accuracy.

How to check if your image of the Moon is accurate?

You can view one (or more) lunar calendars. These will give you an overview of the Moon for a specific date and location.

But what is the Moon exactly?

The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth located about 380,000 km from it. The Moon is in synchronous rotation with the Earth, thus constantly showing it the same side. This half sphere illuminated by the Sun varies during the 29 days of its synodic period, ie the duration of an entire cycle around the Earth.

How precisely do we get the image of the Moon?

The near side of the Moon varies daily for 29 days, then restarts a cycle. We use ultra-precise software that gives us a very high definition image of the Moon for any date and location.